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Month: December 2018

Why Your Website Dropped Traffic!

So you had a steady website and aced at bringing traffic to it! And just when you were about rejoice on the success you noticed a wild drop in the traffic which only got worse! Might not seem fair but it is indeed a very possible scenario with the online world! This sudden drop in […]

Broken Link Finder: Fix Your Website With A Simple Tool!

A fully-functional website is an asset for online marketing, and it all usually starts with SEO. For online marketing to work for your website as intended, the on-page SEO elements must be fixed. Searching for broken links, images and other content can take a considerable amount of time and effort. Broken Link Finder – A […]

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Keep a website design in proper balance

Do you want your website design appear pretty? If so how can you do it? Using Flash alone does not serve the purpose of making a good design and this is because out there are some nasty flash websites that are totally useless. There is no need for you to be an expert in web […]