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Broken Link Finder: Fix Your Website With A Simple Tool!

A fully-functional website is an asset for online marketing, and it all usually starts with SEO. For online marketing to work for your website as intended, the on-page SEO elements must be fixed. Searching for broken links, images and other content can take a considerable amount of time and effort. Broken Link Finder – A new, complete FREE tool promises to change that aspect. While there are other so-called free link checkers in the market, none work as effectively as this one. In this post, we are reviewing Broken Link Finder with a list of the things we liked the most.

Using the Broken Link Finder

The best thing about Broken Link Finder is the lack of complicated downloads. To get started, just visit the website – https://brokenlinkfinder.com/, and enter the URL of the page that must be checked for broken links. It is as simple as that. The tool is absolutely FREE and offers a few notable advantages over some of the link checkers. Besides the usual check for finding broken links, images and other content, you can also look for the advanced settings, to exclude certain keywords and enable sitemap creation and search of subdomains as required.

An overview of the advantages

Most of the link checkers, at least the free ones, only report one parent URL that has been searched for. What if the same broken link appears on one or all the other internal pages? Broken Link Finder checks all of that, and additionally, you can locate the resource in the source code of the page, so fixing the glitches doesn’t take any time at all. Broken Link Finder checks as many as 2500 links for each crawl, and if required, you can choose to export the results to Excel. Broken Link Finder is absolutely free for now, and no matter how many times you want to use the service, it is still going to be free.


We have tried many link checkers so far, and Broken Link Finder certainly stands out both in terms of functionality and simplicity. It is pretty easy to use and can be used by experts and amateurs like. If you always wanted to manage links on your website without a lot of hassle, Broken Link Finder can be an asset of sorts in the long run. To know more on how to make the most of it, check online right away.

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